Music Library - Introduction

We are a group of students of Dilma Lúcia dos Santos School in Armação, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil.
We are doing this project with the English teachers on Fridays to learn English in a dynamic and fun way.
In the library we have information about the bands (biography, discography, lyrics interpreted by us, e-mails that we sent to the bands, sentences that we wrote, songs, etc.) .
We hope that you like it and that you enjoy our work.
The contents of the biographies and discographies were taken from wikipedia.

Teacher's Comments

Hello! I am Sandra and I worked as a teacher creating the activities for the music libraryand putting them into practice together with the students of class 71, the classroom teacher, Casemiro and the informatics lab assistant, Bete.
The music library project lasted one semester , from August till December 2008. The idea was to have a final product that other students could use in the future, and in the process learn English in a more enjoyable and realistic way.

The project includes also a small library at the regular school library that has the same information as the blogg and that can be consulted by all the students and the members of the community.
The marvelous idea of the blogg was Daniel´s, one of the students, who was the most involved with the project.
The students were beginners and had little experience in working independently. It was a class of 30 people who were mostly used to frontal classes, so with a double class only once a week and all the other factors that make part of the reality of public schoools and variables of our particular situation, sometimes work was not easy. But HERE IT IS!! We hope you use it and enjoy it.

I wanted to include one activity in each of the four skills:
They did a music survey as a speaking activity,
Extracted the main information of the band from wikipedia as a reading activity,
Tried to write an e-mail to the band for writing and two grammar activities using the verb to be to complete info about the band
Listened to easy parts of a song they chose and each group taught the rest of the class how to sing it,etc.
The possibilities are as infinite as your creativity, since there are millions of bands and things that can be done.
For more ideas and more detailed information you can contact me at:

Again, I hope you find the library useful and enjoyable.


The tasks of the band Black Eyed Peas were already posted in the page of the band. These include interpretation of the song, the lyrics of Where is The Love, etc. Visit the site and check it out:!